No era aún una Pandemia, pero siempre fue el Estado, estúpido

El Estado es nuestro Pastor, nada nos falta. Y si uno titubea, qué mejor que una buena Pandemia de importación para reafirmar nuestra Fe en nuestra sabia, responsable y, al parecer, indispensable Sanidad del Estado. Ja, mis cojones. El Rey estaba desnudo.

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The Alleged Scarcity of Scientific Research

The myth has arisen that government research is made necessary by our technological age, because only planned, directed, large-scale “team” research can produce important inventions or develop them properly. The day of the individual or small-scale inventor is supposedly over and done with. And the strong inference is that government, as potentially the “largest-scale” operator, must play a leading role in even non-military scientific research.

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GleickThe historian of Science Thomas S. Kuhn describes a disturbing experiment conducted by a pair of psychologists in the 1940s. Subjects were given glimpses of playing cards, one at a time, and asked to name them. There was a trick, of course. A few of the cards were freakish: for example, a red six of spades or a black queen of diamonds.

At high speed the subjects sailed smoothly along. Nothing could have been simpler. They didn’t see the anomalies at all. Shown a red six of spades, they would sing out either “six of hearts” or “six of spades.” But when the cards were displayed for longer intervals, the subjects started to hesitate. They became aware of a problem but were not sure quite what it was. A subject might say that he had seen something odd, like a red border around a black heart.

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