Minding the Gap in Sexual Perceptions and Mating Emotions

One foundation for bridging the chasm is recognizing that the gulf or gap between men’s and women’s sexual psychology is real. We have explored many psychological sex differences throughout this book, such as in the desire for sexual variety, inclinations for impersonal sex, the misperception of sexual interest, upset about different forms of sexual deception, and the use of violence as a means to sexual ends. Although women and men share many elements of their mating psychology, including the capacity for love, attachment, and commitment, failure to recognize the differences is a key impediment to reducing conflict.

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Is Bias Always Bad?

Hugo Mercier (@hugoreasoning) / TwitterHow should cognitive mechanisms in general go about producing sound beliefs? Part of the answer, it seems, is that they should be free of bias. Biases have a bad press, in part because a common definition is “inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.” However, psychologists often use the term in a different manner, to mean a systematic tendency to commit some specific kind of mistakes. These mistakes need not have any moral, social, or political overtones.

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In Memoriam: E. O. Wilson (1929 – 2021)

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One of the greatest just passed away. In fact, Edward O. Wilson had the privilege of suffering which probably was the first witch-hunt of wokeness back in the days. He will always be on the walls of the Hall of Fame, and I allow myself to copy his «polemic» lines below. RIP. Continuar leyendo «In Memoriam: E. O. Wilson (1929 – 2021)»

The source of Time

…We started out with the image of time that is familiar to us: something that flows uniformly and equally throughout the universe, in the course of which all things happen. With the idea that there exists throughout the cosmos a present, a “now” that constitutes reality. The past for everyone is fixed, is gone, having already happened. The future is open, yet to be determined. Reality flows from the past, through the present, toward the future—and the evolution of things between past and future is intrinsically asymmetrical. This, we thought, is the basic structure of the world.

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