Justice and Individual Rights

The transition from the negative conception of justice as defined by rules of individual conduct to a ‘positive‘ conception which makes it a duty of ‘society’ to see that individuals have particular things, is often effected by stressing the rights of the individual. It seems that among the younger generation the welfare institutions into which they have been born have engendered a feeling that they have a claim in justice on ‘society’ for the provision of particular things which it is the duty of that society to provide. However strong this feeling may be, its existence does not prove that the claim has anything to do with justice, or that such claims can be satisfied in a free society. Continuar leyendo “Justice and Individual Rights”

Internet socialism is dead

Imagine you own an important highway, used by countless drivers. Since yours is a private one, consumers forcefully have to pay you a toll everytime they want to drive down there. Which would be the optimum price that should be charged?

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Sell the schools!

Riddle of the year: How is a public school like the U.S. Post Office? Answer: It’s inefficient, it costs more each year than the last and it is a perpetual subject of complaint about which nothing is ever done. It is, in short, a typical government monopoly.

What occurred

“…what occurred in October 1917 [7th November Gregorian calendar] was a classical modern coup d’état accomplished without mass support. I was a surreptitious seizure of the nerve centres of the modern state, carried out under false slogans in order to neutralise the population at large, the true purpose of which was revealed only after the new claimants to power were firmly saddle. (….)

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Two Visions for Europe

…There has been a fight between the advocates of two different ideals from the beginning of the European Union. Which stance should it adopt: the classical liberal vision, or the socialist vision of Europe? The introduction of the Euro has played a key role in the strategies of these two visions. In order to understand the tragedy of the Euro and its history, it is important to be familiar with these two diverging, and underlying visions and tensions that have come to the fore in the face of a single currency.

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L’histoire falsifée du XIXème siècle

…Nous semblons oublier que, aussi pénible qu’il fut; le passage à l’usine représentait pour beaucoup d’ouvriers de l’époque, même des femmes et des enfants, une véritable libération par rapport aux conditions de vie infernales qui étaient le lot des journaliers agricoles ou des travailleurs à domicile de la période préindustirelle dont aujourd’hui nous idéalisons la situation, avec nos yeux d’hommes du XXème siècle (sans parler des immigrants irlandais échappant à la grande famine).

Henri Lepage